Stories of forex success

Stories of forex success

2019-01-16 4 By Caldero

I realize that all of my warnings and advice might probably put a lot of people off of forex specifically because I really hammer home the fact that you will incur losses at some point or another, that there are a lot of advanced strategies and systems that you will need to familiarize yourself with to improve your chances of success and the fact that a lot of people usually don’t make it far into forex due to having the wrong approach or a stream of misunderstandings because of how it works.

I mean, I’m telling the truth, but the type of truth that I’m telling, along with the frequency of it, will probably dissuade beginners from continuing forex more than it will help them. So I’m going to rectify this with a few stories of success involving the people that I work with who also trade Forex.

The person that held free classes on how to do basic forex effectively that I initially went to, talked about how she engaged in trades from time to time and the losses and gains that she garnered as a result. She, however, was a bit careless and did things like leaving active trades to go and do something else, and not paying attention to political news reports. But when she made a prediction she was sure of, she won big. I remember at one point where I went to her class and she bragged about how she won $275 USD out of a trade the day before without risking a ludicrous lot size. Of course, as students just getting into forex, we were absolutely floored about this.

In another situation, one of my friends had been having issues with her online jobs and so she started to look more into forex in order to pay off her individual expenses. She was…okay at it. Not really good, not really bad. Some good wins, some bad losses. But then she got into a system called Swipe trades provided by the iMarketlive company (See my review on their offers.)

With the swipe trades a group of more experiences forex traders would make predictions about the upcoming swings of the market based on their calculations and send the information of the recommended entry-point, take-profit and stop-loss points to put in the system when starting a trade. My friend got a lot of mileage out it and the successes she had helped her shave off those expenses no problem. I, however, couldn’t take advantage of it because swipe trades required having a phone. And my phone was like…I don’t know, 8 years old at that point. Barely functioned.

Before I took a break from forex, I was trying to be part of a trading group that my friend was also in. I couldn’t join because of technical complications as the group communicated through specific messaging systems. (my tech, especially at that point, is kinda outdated) that I took part in there was this one  guy who was doing so well financially due to not being well-off to start with and school demanding a certain level of tuition from him H was interested in Forex and so joined in the anticipation of managing to payoffs at least a few of his funds with the money he’d earn. However, it turned out that he had a choice on nack for understanding the advanced Forex strategies of the web analyzer. A Forex program that aid in trading that was recently introduced into the forex programs and course education package that we purchased from iMarketslive. He took to it immediately and started making a flurry of winning trades to the point where he managed to pay off most of his semester fee using only money he gained from his forex when the time came for payment. He also shared some of his trading predictions with the people in the group whenever they came up and almost everybody benefited. Made me really annoyed about my inability to join the group because again, my phone was eight years old and begging to die.