iMarketsLive Review

iMarketsLive Review

Trading Service Review: iMarketslive (IML)

iMarketsLive is a trading company that grants both educational services and multiple trading programs/aids for those who wish to become live forex traders. It is multinational and operates with hundreds of thousands of foreign exchange traders each month.

Like any trading platform or forex educational aid, IML does not promise that you WILL get profits from forex trading. It never works like that. It’s there to massively increase your chances to minimize losses and gain profits. Everything else is up to your trading decisions, the calculated movement of the market currencies and a bit of random chance.

The main “product” that they provide users is access to their “platinum package”. lt includes full use of their academy courses, IML TV (live educational and technical analysis videos), along with their Harmonic Scanner which is a trading indicator that gives users more precise market evaluations to tell them when and in which currency pair is the best fit for a trade. They also have quite a few bonuses that you can access, which will further make trading easier for you if you choose to spring for them. The basic platinum package costs $217.19 USD for the first month and $161.50 USD for the second month. There is a grace period where you can get a refund after about a week. The bonuses that you can purchase also have their own separate costs that I will outline later in this review. For now, I will go over what the basic platinum package will give you.

(Before we start, I want to state that I am an affiliate of IML. I purchased their package and learned how to trade from them before and now have become their affiliate through their IBO program and thus am working on referrals. More on that below. But this is to serve as an alert that any direct links to IML on this page are through my office. Meaning that I benefit from your sign up. You don’t lose anything or owe anything from signing up through another’s office. But this is a heads up all the same because I want to be transparent here. Note that my opinions are not affected by my IBO status. I do believe IML is great but it’s not perfect. I’ll make that clear as we go on.)

PLATINUM PACKAGE – $217.19 (first month), $161.50 (subsequent months)

iMarket Academy
A long-spanning series of videos composed in specific sets that are designed like a course syllabus. They run through Forex terms and concepts to a very fine detail and I guarantee that you won’t be thrown for a loop during trading when applying the knowledge you’ve gained…that is, if you do go through all of it on your own accord. There are a good number of lessons to watch and traders may be tempted to just forego the advanced portions once they believe they’ve got the basic concepts. As I’ve previously explained before, not advised. The only issue is that their video player last time I checked is pretty standard so if you don’t have decent internet, prepare for some stuttering.

iMarket TV
This is a platform where trading experts converge and host mini-“shows” about many types of forex trading. Some of them focus on your forex education being put into practice on the market while others involve advanced market analysis for specific currencies and times, discussions of how to apply advance forex strategies or use the forex indicators to better tackle the current market and even live trades to emulate (these categories also include cryptocurrency trading). There’s also a specific but very helpful swing trade session that goes on.
These programs are shown in numerous scheduled sessions throughout each day. You’re almost certain to find a live program scheduled that tailors to your specific forex needs. Some of them (I cannot vouch for all because I haven’t watched all of them) will directly answer your questions in the chat and the best part is that if you miss one program, you can easily access the recording of that video. Though, considering the changing market, bear in mind that sometimes the strategies they discuss are only applicable to the market AT THAT POINT IN TIME and aren’t universal.

Harmonic Scanner
IML grants forex indicators that have two distinct purposes. The harmonic scanner acts like a more user-friendly version of the charts of normal trading platforms like meta trader 4. It may not have all the settings of MT4 but it’s easier to work with the more basic cases. Not only that, but it auto-scans the market for currencies that currently have potentially favourable trading positions and it even gives various types of helpful information, such a relative calculated risk using the Fibonacci method. I used it a lot during my run with the company and apart from some minor glitches where it would reset my time frame analysis, it was quite helpful.


Apart from the standard 217 to 162 package, these are a few extra things you can purchase as optional additions to the platinum package.

Web analyzer – $16.75 
The Web analyzer, like the harmonic scanner, also scans the live markets for potential trade opportunities, but instead of just following the chart, you can choose from a list of specific prepared forex strategies and the program will guide you to the best chances for profit of potential trades that fit the strategy in question. No recalculating to be done. It majorly saves on time so you don’t miss key entry points and I know a lot of people who started having successful trades because they started following it. The downside is that you need to have a good initial understanding of the strategies and how the system presents them. Maybe it was just me, but it took a long time to learn when I started.

Swipe Trades – $16.71 
A really handy feature that you can install into your phone. How it works is that a group of trading researchers does the strategizing and calculating for you and then sends you an alert where they tell you exactly how to place a trade and you simply decide if you want to trust that trade or not. It’s very simple and is potentially very rewarding but a bit of warning. The team of researchers is not always consistent. Seemingly there are different sets.

There was once a set of people who were way off in their calculations before and so a lot of traders stopped using swipe trades until that set was switched out for a more reliable set. So I believe it’s best that you do some swipe trade research if possible before you take part, to see if the set is favourable. If it is, it’s the closest thing to “easy trading” you’re going to get, as even trading bots are automatic.

Swipe Coin – $99

A relatively new feature that allows you to enter a special session each Sunday with the CEO of iMarketsLive and veteran trader, Christopher Terry. In this session, he reviews the entire previous week of trading and outlines the relevant information you need to know in both normal currency pairs and cryptocurrency. As this was implemented after I took my break from trading and thus I’ve never experienced it nor heard much about it after, I can’t vouch for its worth, especially for that price. Well, it is optional, so it will be up to you.

iMarketslive has an automatic referral system upon signup, which means that you are given your own link to the sites sign-up page. If someone follows that link and signs up with the platinum package past the potential refund period, then you receive bonuses. The best part of this is that these are direct bonuses since there’s really only one “base” product set. 1 complete referral and your subscription fee is reduced, 2 complete referrals, and your subscription fee is waivered entirely. 3 and you receive a cash bonus of around $150 US for the month. Of course, there are special terms of escalation from that point (I think if you reach 9 referrals, you get around $600 US), but I feel it’s best you check out the details for yourself.

IML has slightly raised their prices for some of the programs and the platinum package since the start of 2019. These new prices are now reflected in this review. In addition, IML has been listed as an AAA+ opportunity by the business-at-home ranking website. That means that the company is recommended and has stated to have “high certainty that the net benefit is substantial for a distributor.” See the details and interview with CEO Christopher Terry: HERE!

THE CONCLUSION: Definitely go Sign Up!…If you’re sure you have both the time and money.

Honestly, IML is a really great choice for all the options they provide for you and the help/bonuses you get and I do in fact recommend it…but considering the price range and the types of materials provided, I’d say to only go into IML if you’re sure about being a serious FX trader. Not making full use of the content provided during the month is honestly a huge waste. As a beginner, prepare to spend some time at the academy. As an advanced trader, prepare to spend your time with live trading and analysis videos, as well as get very well acquainted with the web analyzer and harmonics scanner.

There are a lot of things IML offers that can contribute to your great success as a trader and get you the profits you desire, but since they don’t give you the option to only work with the individual programs, you’ll have to pay the full price upfront as even the bonuses cannot be purchased without getting the platinum package first. Speaking of the bonuses, I do recommend the swipe trades and the web analyzer, but I’d say to hold off on the Swipe Coin; the price is too steep.

In the end, the goal they want you to accomplish is to use their education sessions and forex indicators to make back the amount of money for subscription yourself and more, which can potentially speed up if you decide to participate in their referral program.

HOWEVER, DO NOT TRY TO SPAM IT TO OTHERS IN A NETWORKING PLOY. It’s a trading help platform first, the networking referral program is always available, but it’s also always optional. I’ve seen people be pressured by the person who benefits from their referral, to go and basically be a full advertiser for THEIR links for them to reap the potential profits further in some kind of maniacal pyramid scheme-like plan. Don’t let yourself be pressured by anyone; report this behaviour to the support group. That being said, if you’re only there for the networking benefits specifically, you can list yourself as an IBO advertiser and help with referrals, instead of bothering with the trading packages. It’s much cheaper, at $16 per month, but you must practice proper advertising etiquette and the person you referred must buy a platinum package for you to directly benefit, not become another IBO. But really that should go without saying.