About Us

Welcome to Forex Tips and Tricks. The site dedicated to help traders, both experienced and new, find their best strategies for success.

I was first introduced to trading by my best friend through the company “IMarketsLive” (You’ll see that name pop up from time to time). IMarketsLive’s programs and courses were designed to teach you how to work through trading and I went in enthusiastic. And I admit I got too excited when I made my first account. I didn’t finish the course, I didn’t fully understand the apparatus, I didn’t know about trading styles and the nuances of many other details. And I lost, and lost and lost. And when I kept losing, I learned what I did wrong each time and kept improving. But that was through trial and error. And not everyone can afford trial and error with something like trading. It’s real money that you’re using. While I never used much each time, I definitely felt each loss. And for people who start trading, I learn they fell into similar pitfalls with their few dozen trades. Which leads me to…


Trading isn’t an exact science. There are going to be fluctuations and reversal and things you might not be able to predict. (that’s why we have stop losses kids). But that doesn’t mean it’s completely random either. Like most things in life, you need to learn about the specifics of the topic in different ways in order to avoid getting tripped up down the road. And so I built this site to help you avoid common pitfalls that will end up costing you a lot of money in the long run.


As you go through this site, I hope you internalize the information provided and change your mindset on what to do when trading. After reading the relevant posts, may you analyze your behaviours and strategies, and gain a more economically sound understanding of what actions to take. Keep in mind, this site is not responsible for any trade that goes south. Risk is risk after all. And the first lesson is to never forget that.

Best of luck and happy trading.